David Carey plays the part of Renfield during a dress rehearsal of the Lake City Playhouse's production of Dracula.

Tonight we went and saw the Lake City Playhouse production of "Dracula". It was very interesting and a good production.

We went because one of PKR's former drama students was in it. David Carey played the character of Renfield, and it was a part written just for him. He did a marvelous job, being just creepy enough, but not too over the top. It was exciting to see him do so well, and we were very proud!!

Here is an article about the production if you want more information.

It is interesting attending a serious play, because often the audience doesn't know how to react. Often there was laughing when there shouldn't have been, because audiences aren't used to serious drama, and aren't sure what their response should be. It was very interesting.

If you want to see a great production of "Dracula" go see this production. Some of the characters were a bit weak, but over all, it was a well done production.

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