In a Hitchcock Film?

Have you ever felt you were in the midst of a Alfred Hitchcock film?

Today I was sitting in my living room, doing some work on the computer, and I heard an odd noise, but didn't really pay that much attention. Then, all of a sudden, something outside caught my attention, and, looking outside on our front lawn, our front lawn was covered with birds.

Now, these pictures do not do the scene justice. By the time I grabbed the camera, some of the birds had flown off.

Our cat Benjamin seemed to be very intent on keeping an eye on the feathered fellows.

It was a bit eerie.

Is anyone able to tell me what kind of birds these are, because I have no idea.

It made me thing of Hitchcock's film "The Birds". I think it was one of the first Hitchcock movies I ever saw. And this is the scene that has stuck with me from that first viewing, probably when I was in early grade school.


Cedar Street Kid said...

Ah yes, I can relate. When was down at the hopital to see my Dad on his last day, there were millions and millions fo tiny bugs all over the front of the hospital. They were in my coffee cup, and tried to fly in my mouth.I told my wife that it reminded me of a horror movie. Scary!!

Nita Jo said...

Weird... those look a lot like the birds that covered my lawn a couple weeks back. Just like you, I thought immediately of "The Birds" and decided to stay inside. I was very little when I first saw that movie at the theatre. Scared the hoohaw out of me!