Warming Walls O' Water

So my newly planted tomato plants, basil and cilantro plants don't freeze, I surround them in the warmth of a wonderful invention called Wall 'O Water Plant Protectors. You can find more about them here.

These plastic round, tubular "mini-greenhouses" protect plants and keep them warm until chance of frost has passed.

Today I planted my two Early Girl, two Roma, one Early Goliath and one Sweet Million tomato plants and surrounded them with these little water-filled enclosures. As the water in the tubes warms up, they create a small, warm area for the plants to thrive.

I also covered my Basil and Cilantro plants.

Checking my other beds, it looks like I have some pea seeds sprouting, and also some radishes coming up.

I know spring weather must be close with the arrival of my red geraniums from an annual fund-raiser I am involved in every year, where we sell geranium baskets and geraniums in pots. There is something so cheery about a geranium hanging basket.

Then I cleaned out my flower bed next to the house, raked the leaves out, trimmed the Clematis, and pulled some weeds. Does anyone want to come over and clean this mess up for me, please?

Peaches said she would if she could.

I'm hoping to get more done on Sunday, if the weather is right. Yes, I know, it is Mother's Day and I should be pampered. But, after being holed up all winter, spending time outside is being pampered.


Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

How very cool (yet strange) that those things work so well with water. My plan for the weekend is to get my garden all lined out. So that hopefully we can get some things planted very soon. I figure that Mother's Day should be all about doing what YOU want to do. Even if it's working out in the yard. I can totally enjoy that kind of work. I, myself, would much rather clean the yard then the house.

raymond pert said...

It seems like Mom and I had one of those really productive how do these things work times in her yard/garden many years ago with the walls o' water. Something happened with the walls o' water. When I saw the walls o' water photographs, my ulcer started to burn and nightmarish, indistinct backyard memories flooded my consciousness.

I like the piles of weeds and leaves and trimmings: makes me think this is a better way to burn off your inner turmoil than having to go to Yvonne's, buy boxes of cheap dishes, and break them in your room in the basement.

inlandempiregirl said...

I had the exact same thought as soon as I saw the pictures. I wasn't even involved as closely with the walls o'water, but I felt grits and grinding tooth dust suddenly. I love the geranium picture. I am eager to see you yard.