Flying South

PKR and I flew south for a few days. (And boy are our arms tired.....)

We are now enjoying the sunshine of Meridian, Idaho.

I think I am finally thawing out after being cold for the last nine months.

We attended an outdoor wedding this afternoon, and it was absolutely beautiful. It was fun seeing our cute little great neices and great nephew in their pretty little dresses and little tuxedo.

It is interesting returning to a place where we used to live, and walk around our old neighborhood. Some things have changed, and some have remained the same...almost like entering a time warp.

Meridian has grown, but parts have remained the same....in a way.

I enjoy returning for a visit, but this area isn't right for me anymore.

My home is now in Kellogg, and it feels right.

But flying south every so often does have its' advantages. Nice restaurants. Good shopping. Wonderful visits with friends and family. And did I mention how nice the weather is here?

Good Day, Sunshine!!


raymond pert said...

Yep. Mid-may is a good time to be in Meridian, but about August when you read the weather page and see all those over 100 degree days, you'll be esp. glad you are in the less humid and slightly more temperate climes of Kellogg, Idaho!

(At least it cools off at night. Not like the &&***^^% Meridian or the Tri-Cities...what a mess.)
--Our Father

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, I enjoy the May weather here much better than August...

MarmiteToasty said...

Much of america is way to hot for me.... it took me and me lad 3 days to aclimatis (SP) when we visited Maine AND when we went to Wisconson one summer.....

Thats us white pasty brits for ya lol

Weddings are always good...... sounds like you had a great visit..