Let The Sprouting Begin

Okay, I did my part today. Now Mother Nature can take over and make sure all those seeds I planted today do what they were created to do...sprout.

Last night I bought the seeds.

Here are the seeds that I planted today...the cold crop seeds. These seeds can be planted in early to mid spring, after the ground can be worked. I worked the ground last weekend, and today the seeds were planted.

Here are the seeds that will have to wait until the chance of frost has passed. This is usually around Memorial Day weekend around here. There is a rock slide on the mountainside to the east here in Kellogg called Alahambra Slide, and that is usually the guide locals use to plant their seeds. If the snow is off Alahambra Slide, it is time to plant.

So in one box I planted beets and orange carrots. When it gets warmer, I will add zucchini.

This box is my salad box. In this box there is Swiss Chard, Gourmet Lettuce Mix, Mesclun and Spinach.

This box also has beets, and purple carrots. I will add yellow crookneck squash to this bed in about a month. Each box also has some radishes planted to start thing off quickly, since radishes are known to germinate in about a week.

Two kinds of peas were planted in this box. I hope to add some string beans in later.

This bed is empty, but I'll be putting my tomato plants in them after I purchase them at the Kellogg Middle School plant sale this week. I will put them in water wells to keep them nice a warm until the weather warms up a bit more.

I noticed one of my cats thought these big boxes should be used as litter boxes, so I took some precautions. We had some picket fence panels sitting up against our backyard fence, and I put them to good use. This will also help keep the birds away from the seeds.

I also used the old volleyball net string on this box.

So, now the fun begins. Watering each day, watching, and waiting for the little green sprouts to make their appearance.


MarmiteToasty said...

oh how wonderful........ all my first lot of seeds have just popped through the soil.... they are in little compartment in seed trays with a propagator lid but outside on the garden table..... touch wood, so far so good..


MarmiteToasty said...

ps......... and I was gagging to start me hanging baskets so I did LOL.... fingers crossed on those :)


Carol Woolum Roberts said...

I love planting a garden, and watching it grow. Maybe it is part of helping bring forth life, but it is so cool. I'll get some hanging geranium baskets this week that I ordered, and will probably get some annuals for my pots this week, too. Usually if I keep them close to the house, they do okay.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!!!

Beez said...

That is all brilliant. I salute you.

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

How are your peppers coming along? You have such a long growing season in your parts, you must love it. I got my tomato plants yesterday, and some annuals and herbs, and hope to get some of them planted tomorrow. Lots of rain here to get things going, now some sun would be nice!!

Beez said...

Pepper starts are down to two. Not good. Tomato starts are fine, until we put them in the ground. The weather has been so unpredictable this spring that it's been hell on the younglings. Other things are going great, though: potatoes, onions, lettuce, chard, asparagus and chard. We've got time to get the tomatoes and peppers in still, so that's our saving grace.

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