A Picture of Thankfulness

This week, Raymond Pert got back in the Sibling Assignment Game by giving us this assignment:

1. Go out and take a picture of a subject you do not remember having photographed since we started doing our blogs and using digital cameras.
2. Try to align this photograph with your mood at the time you are taking the picture.
3. Write about the subject of the photograph and how the subject and the way you shot it reflect your mood/feelings at the time you took the picture.

Here is IEG's lilac picture reflecting her mood
, and soon we will see Raymond Pert's photo.

I realize this may seem an odd picture of thankfulness, but today, as I was driving home from the airport through Spokane along I-90, and the traffic started crawling along, I was thankful.

Thankful that I live in a slow, sleepy town that doesn't have traffic jams. Oh, well, I guess there is the occasional back up of three or four cars if the delivery semi-truck is backing up into the Yoke's Grocery store, and we do have to wait a few minutes, but this is very rare.

I think being in Boise this past weekend brings this out even more, the slower paced life, the slow traffic, and lack of traffic.

I don't envy people who have to commute to work in heavy, slow traffic. My commute is about three minutes.

So, my pictures reflects my thankfulness for living in a place with no traffic jams.

It also reminded me of this James Taylor song. Enjoy!!
(It's James Taylor, of course you will enjoy it!!)

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Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

I love the slow, laid back, no traffic life too.