Spring Break

Raymond Pert gave us this sibling assignment:

Write about spring break...and perhaps share pictures.

As I look back over the years, spring break memories are about as clear as the slushy mess on my front walkway.

I do remember a couple of spring break trips in college, but, if I have pictures, they are hidden in a box in the deep, dark recesses of the basement.

One year, probably my sophomore year of college, PKR and our friend CB came up to Kellogg from Meridian, and I traveled back down the Meridian with them to spend part of my spring break.

What I remember from this week is the car trip back to Meridian was really fun. We stopped at each Historical Sign

along the way from Kellogg to Meridian along I 95, and learned quite a bit about Idaho history. I also remember the river being very high (I'm not sure which one), and it was really cool.

The next year, my junior year, PKR and I went to Seattle for a few days on a trip with kids from Campus Crusade for Christ. We did some outreach things, and enjoyed being in Seattle. I was quite amused being with PKR in Seattle.

He had never really been in a big city before, and it kind of freaked him out. I still remember a group of us were in downtown Seattle, and got a bit sidetracked down by the waterfront, and went down the wrong road, and came across some men sleeping in blankets in a doorway. Oops...wrong turn.

Those were both nice trips, mostly because they were shared with PKR.

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