Career Day

As part of running the Gear Up program in our school district, I organized a Career Day for our sixth through ninth graders at Kellogg Middle School.

The day started out by the freshmen from Kellogg High School getting bussed down to KMS for a main assembly to hear the keynote speaker, Frank Peretti. Frank is a New York Times best selling author who writes books for young and old.
Here is Frank Peretti addressing the students.
Frank had three main points for the students:
Respect Authority.
While the 7th through 9th grade students listened to different people present on their careers, the sixth graders had four different career related activities. Frank spoke to the sixth graders about writing and the importance of language. Other activities included a computer based activity called "Reality Check" on Career Information Systems, and showmethefuture.org, also a computer activity. They also did a Tell Me Your Dreams activity.

After the main assembly with Frank, the students chose four different careers to hear presentations on during the morning. Here is who we had:

Attorney---Starr Kelso, Kelso Law Office

Banking/Finance--Rhonda Seagraves and Sharlene Fike, Panhandle State Bank

Business Management--Joe Margason--Stein's Family Foods

Construction Management--Marty Reiman and Matt James--NASCO

Department of Lands/Forestry--Jeanne Bradley, Dept. of Lands

Fish and Game Warden--Josh Stanley, local Fish and Game Warden

Hairstylist/Cosmetology--Dusty Boone, Blondie's

Helicopter Pilot--Tom McPherson, Chief Pilot for Gliko Aviation

Hospitality and Tourism--Jeff Colburn, Silver Mountain

Law Enforcement--Holly Lindsday and others, Shoshone County Sheriff's Office

Medical Doctor--Dr. Scott Reed, Mountain Health

Military--Keith McKay, Marines

Mining--JoAnne Corley and Lex Smith National Research Education Outreach (NREO) program

Nursing--Sharon Black, School Nurse and Teirza Bristow, E.R. Nurse at Shoshone Medical Center

Photography/Writing--Taryn A. Hecker, Writer and Photographer for Hire

Public Administration/Public Works--Craig Lewis, Supt. of Public Works for City of Kellogg

Social Work/Counseling--Linda Sepa-Newell, Alliance Family Services

Teacher/Educator-Teresa Baillie, Pinehurst Elementary

Veterinarian/Veterinarian Technician--Dr. Andy Broaddus and Sarah Thomas, Kellogg Pet Medical Center

Here are some pictures of some of the presenters. I tried to get pictures of all of them, but either the doors were closed when I went by, or the lights were off and they were doing a presentation. But here are some of them.

Craig Lewis is the City of Kellogg Supt. of Public Works. He is a KHS graduate.
Dr. Andy Broaddus and Sarah Thomas spoke about working as a veterinarian and veterinarian technician. They work at Kellogg Pet Medical Center, where I was the business manager before I started working for Gear Up.

Tom McPherson, a helicopter pilot our of Cataldo, sparked some interest in quite a few students talking about his profession.
Student are still intersted in hearing about the Mining industry, and careers in Mining. JoAnn Corley and Lex Smith talked to the students about these careers.

Other presents below are:
*Joe Margason, Business Manager at Stein's Family Foods. (I remember when he started out as a boxboy, and now he has worked his way up to manager.)
*Josh Stanley, the local Fish and Game Warden.
*Our School Resource Officer Holly Lindsey and other officers from the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office spoke about careers in Law Enforcement.
*Linda Sepa-Newell, another KHS graduate, spoke about careers in Social Work and Counseling.
*Rhonda Seagraves and Sharlene Fike, from Panhandle State Bank, talked about Banking and Finance careers. They are both KHS graduates, too.
*My hairstylist, Dusty Boone, talked to the students about being a hairstylist. She also gave away free haircuts in her presentation.


Christy Woolum said...

It sounds like all went well. Where is the picture of Starr? I would have loved to have met Taryn.

Christy Woolum said...

oh... and Starr also.

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

Yes, it was fun meeting Taryn, and seeing Starr again. They both did a great job. We had the students write about their favorite presentation, and they both had a lot of students write about them. I didn't get pics of them because their door was either closed when I went by, or, with Taryn, the room was dark because she was showing slides.