Saturday in the Park

Raymond Pert had quite a large collection of albums by the band Chicago.

Here are some of the album covers I remember:

I remember a lot of songs by Chicago while I was growing up. One that has a particular memory attached to is was Saturday In The Park.

While we were growing up, Mom and Dad had some friends who had a cabin at Rose Lake. One of this guy's brothers had some land up the river at Cedar Island, where they had a couple of trailers. Most of the time we would go to Rose Lake. But occasionally we would go up the river to Cedar Island.

One time I remember being there, and for some reason, recall sitting at a table and hearing "Saturday in the Park" playing on the radio. Everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of that visit to Cedar Island.

We always pine about having a place up the river. "Legend" has it that Dad was part owner in a piece of land up the river, but he sold it off, so we never got to have a place "up the river". But looking back, I'm not sure Mom and Dad were the "up the river" type anyway, so it was probably for the best.

The love of the band Chicago's music stayed with me. When I joined the Columbia House Record Company, I purchased two of their later albums:

The one thing I remember about the Hot Streets album is the first time I had my boyfriend in high school come over to my house, and we listened to this album while we sat on the couch in the TV room, and kissed.

It's funny the memories music brings back.


inlandempiregirl said...

This song was the theme of my Senior Co-Ed Ball and have a group picture with all of us sitting on a park bench "in a park" . I went with S.S.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Oh, you mean the only guy we both dated? HA! HA!