Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I'm not taking Simon and Garfunkle's advice to heart very well these days. I'm trying to slow down. I'm trying to "Feel Groovy". But I'm not quite there yet.

Okay, this life on overload needs to stop here soon. Spring break isn't getting here quite fast enough.

Today PKR hosted the District Speech competition at Kellogg High School. I judged throughout the day, and Z2 competed in the Salesmanship category. She sold RayBan sunglasses. She did pretty good for her first try at Speech competition. KHS had five students qualify to go to state, with many others qualifying as alternates. It was a good day.

I heard some outstanding speeches today. It is always so wonderful to see students really know their stuff, and showcase their talents and knowledge.

Kiki Aru is north of Spokane at a basketball tournament. They had three games today, and I guess they lost all three. But that's okay. It is good for them to get some good competition. That is what makes them better.

Unfortunately, one of their teammates had a tragedy happen which may have shook them up a bit today. Yesterday morning, Barney's, a grocery store in Pinehurst, was burglarized. The manager, who is the father of one of the Kiki Aru's teammates, was held up at gunpoint, tied up, and his jaw broken by the burglar. He is in the hospital in Coeur d'Alene. It is always a bit unsettling when our seemingly "idyllic" life here in the Silver Valley get rocked by something like this type of crime.

It reminds me of being in about 5th or 6th grade, and someone was shot on the road by what was then "Tony's" but now is "Dirty Ernie's". They did the painting of the outline of the body on the pavement, and it was there for quite a while. I remember it always seemed pretty creepy walking by that road, and seeing the outline. But it eventually faded away, as did my memory of the event. But this type of news reminded me of it once again, and the outline on the pavement.

I don't like it when life gets really busy. Wait, let me clarify that statement. I don't like it when my commitments get so many that it seems like life it closing in on me. That is kind of what life is like right now. But it is almost time for spring break, so I'll be getting some down time, I hope.

Happy Spring!!!


inlandempiregirl said...

Are the sides of that barrel closing in again? Just put on your bell bottoms and keep Feeling Groovy.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Feeling Groovy is an art that takes time to master (:)
Ah, the Valley winter blues and the hope of spring! Here is to Spring, and a wonderful summer. Cheers!