I returned home from the evening conferences tonight, and let out a big SIGH!!!

I am now officially on spring break. Yeah!

And we actually had sunshine and blue skies in the Silver Valley today.

I hope it sticks around for a while.

The other night at the band concert, I saw my friend Gino White. Gino and I graduated from high school together, and he lives down in Boise, and is teaching. He is a former Idaho legislator, and I think is a bit discouraged with his political aspirations while living in Ada County (he is a Democrat), so he decided to go back and get his teaching degree. He now teaches at Boise High School.

We had fun visiting after the concert, and I started sharing with him about the book I am writing. His whole growing up life was spent living at the Cataldo Mission, because his parents were the caretakers. So he started telling me all kinds of stories about things he had learned from Coeur d'Alene tribal members, and got me all excited about my book project. He also talked about reading the book Big Trouble, which I still need to finish, and how good of a book it is. Well, after our spouses patiently stood around waiting for us to quit visiting, I said goodbye, and hope to visit with him more in the future.

Just got a call from The Princess. Opening night went really good, and they had a full house. I am really looking forward to seeing it tomorrow night. I had talked to her today, and she said last night they were having some technical difficulties, and it took them 15 minutes to get the peach out on stage. Well, everything worked tonight!

Poor Z2. She had some oral surgery today, and her mouth has hurt all day. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Keep her in your prayers.

For fun during my spring break posts, I am going to think back to the songs that I remember listening to growing up, and see what comes to mind.

Inland Empire Girl had a Boz Scaggs album, and one of the songs on it is "Lido Shuffle". I can still sing the song, word for word. Amazing what sticks with you for thirty years or more. I was fortunate to have a variety of record albums in our home growing up, and I listened to a large variety of music. Between Raymond Pert's "Chicago" albums, and IEG listening to "The Carpenter's", and my mom's love of Broadway Musicals, and Dad's unique old Jazz collection including Sarah Vaughan.

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inlandempiregirl said...

Gosh...thanks for taking me back just before I went to bed.. great song! I got on a Carpenters obsession one night awhile ago on YouTube. I then had to buy some songs on ITunes!