Wildcard Wednesday--Life Imitating Art...or visa versa?

During the past week, PKR and I have been watching the last season of the "West Wing" on DVD. This is one of my all time favorite shows, and this season has taken on new meaning as my husband and I observe this year's Presidential race.

Over the past few nights, PKR has commented on how much this final season's Presidential campaign seems a little familiar. We look at Matt Santos, the minority candidate, (portrayed by Jimmy Smits) and have been amazed at the similarities between Santos and Barack Obama

Then, today, PKR came across this video on SlateV, and it all became clear.

So, let's see in November how close life imitates art.


Jojo said...

Wow! I just started rewatching West Wing too! Thought there was something very familiar in a couple of Obama's speeches. Cool!

Hmmm... this republican is having an identity crisis... who knows what I'll do when it's time to place my vote.

I love reading your blog again, but have a long way to go to catch up!

aj (Jojo)

Inland Empire Girl said...

I may have to block out time this summer and get on the West Wing bandwagon!

Inland Empire Girl said...

Go to my post today and see the blog award I have chosen you for. Congrats!