Spring Break in Spokane...or maybe we are on Winter Break

This past weekend we traveled to Spokane and stayed in Liberty Lake, and shopped, watched AAU basketball, and watched really bad TV.
The main reason for the trip to Spokane was to watch Kiki Aru play in the North Spokane Classic AAU Basketball Tournament in Chattaroy. The Silver Valley Sting played their first game Friday night, and they lost. It was not a fun game to watch. There were lots of fouls, and lots of girls getting hurt, and our girls were not looking good.

Saturday was much better. Our team was much better than their two opponents on Saturday, and they played better, too.

On Sunday, they lost their first game, but played well. Their final game was to win either third or fourth place. They won the game and got third in the tournament. Kiki Aru had the best game of her life, and was ON FIRE!!

PKR's brother KDR was also in town because his daughter was playing in a volleyball tournament, too. KDR's wife and his daughter KNR was also there, and we stayed in the same hotel. Z2 and KNR are best buds, and Z2 traveled back to Nampa to spend a few days with her, and will come back Wednesday.

The Princess and I had a wonderful time Saturday morning shopping for prom dresses. She found a beautiful dress. It was fun watching her come out in all the different colors and styles, and finding the one she like the best. Her prom is May 3rd, and I can't wait to share pictures from the big event.

We made a decision when we moved back to Kellogg to not pay for cable television, so we don't have tv at our home. We watch a lot of DVD's and we have my mom tape some shows we like. So when we do stay in a hotel that has cable tv, it is TORTURE. Yes, there are a few things on tv worth watching, but overall, there is a lot of really bad stuff. And there is so much reality tv that is so bad. Why do I want to watch a 40 year old woman who dresses bad go spend $5,000 on a new wardrobe. And is there anyone who really thinks Final Destination 2 was a scary movie? I think I lost a good share of brain cells over the weekend.

Despite the snowy roads, and bad television, we had a wonderful time. Today we had nothing planned, and spent most of the day just laying around doing nothing. We haven't done that in a long time. Besides, it was snowing so hard all day, there wasn't much to do outside. So it was better to just stay in and be lazy bums for the day.

Not a whole lot planned for the week. We are having lunch with friends tomorrow, and dinner with other friends. PKR and I are looking forward to spending time with friends and some time with each other this week.

Bon Soir, mon amies!!


Jojo said...

Sounds like a great weekend... but the bit about reality TV... Ok, "guilty" of watching old women get makeovers. I would personally hate (no, not exaggerating) any "friend" or "loved one" who turned me in. Plus, why don't they "reality" shop. Who, besides the rich and famous, can ever spend $5,000.00 on clothing. It's almost 5 mortgage payments! Teach us how to be fashionable at Walmart or the "Sally Shop"! Better than that... quit judging us by the cut of our trousers!

Oh my, sorry... seem to have gone off on a bit of a tangent.
Love to you my friend!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Glad you had a good time. I also agree with the cable analsis.My wife end I only watch DVD's and on t.v. we only watch Mariner baseball.Huge seattle fans!

MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like you had a good time..... our fortnight school closure is from next week..... :( mine is not going to be so good.... I'll explain next wednesday....


Inland Empire Girl said...

I can't wait to see The Princess in her prom dress!