Take a Picture Tuesday--Kellogg Peak and Haystack Peak

This picture was taken on one of the last morning walks I had with NR before she had surgery. She is doing well, and we hope to get back to our morning routine soon.

The highest peak in the picture is Kellogg Peak, and is part of Silver Mountain, the local ski resort in town. The lower peak is Haystack Peak. There is a big sign with a K on it on top of Haystack Peak. Sometimes my girls like to hike up to Haystack Peak when the weather is nice. But about two years ago, when some of their cousins and friends were here visiting at the end of April, they hiked up there, and, when they returned home, they all had ticks in their hair. So I don't think they have ventured up on that hike since.

In this morning's Shoshone News-Press, the local paper, there was a big article on how Silver Mountain was disappointed that their business is slowing down, even when the snow conditions are great up on the mountain.

But an accompanying article said they have had record attendance this year.

They said they think people are just sick of winter.

I drive by Silver Mountain's parking lot every day on my way to and from work, and I don't even notic any more if the parking lot is full or not. It seems like there are always skiers coming or going to get on the gondola.

I think Silver Mountain can be pretty happy with their season this year. And they anticipate being open, at least on the weekends, through April.

In fact, they anticipate having a little trouble clearing the trails in time for the Memorial Day opening of the mountain bike trails, because of all the snow.

Oh, and the snow just keeps on coming. The last two days we have had snow falling.

At least it is covering up the ugly dirty piles of snow.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Growing up we could always tell if it was a "bad" day at the Smelter when we couldn't see Haystack Peak. I love that we can see both of the beautiful mountain peaks now so clearly all year!!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Love the pic, also. Makes me miss the mountains all the more!