Sibling Assignment: A Letter To Dad

I'm a little behind on my sibling assignments, so I am playing catch up.

A few weeks ago, I gave this assignment to my siblings:

Listen to this piece of music, Vivaldi’s Concerto for Violin, and write what you hear.

This video shows what I heard through this piece of music.


Jojo said...

Ohhh Carol, I can barely type through my tears. That was an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Dad.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Just this morning in class we were talking about the last time we cried. I really couldn't remember. Now I can tell them tomorrow that I "got misty". I can't tell you how much this tribute meant to me. It brought back lots of fond memories of Dad. Thank you for doing this.

raymond pert said...


I'll be coming back to this one again and again.


I can't type much.

My hands are shaking.