I Found Hope In My Front Yard

Despite the continuous fall of snow today (okay, enough already. I loved the big winter, and the tons of snow, but it is spring for goodness sake.)

As I was saying goodbye to my friends this afternoon after our book group, I spied this in the front flower bed. YIPEE!!!

The crocus has emerged and is ready to bloom.

Okay, maybe spring is on the way.


MarmiteToasty said...

We had spring a few weeks ago and not its bitterly cold.... me little crocus' have come and gone as have me miniture daffs.....

3 weeks ago I was sitting in me garden with no coat sipping me tea and reading me book...... CANT NOW lol

We had a fake spring so Ive hoping we get another one lol

Inland Empire Girl said...

Crocus is always a sign of hope. I actually have a daffodil ready to open. ( It is above the warm septic tank!).

Cedar Street Kid said...

Yes, there is finally hope that Spring will come this year. While we are aways from having flowers this end of the Valley, my wife and I did finally get to dig our Christmas penguins out of the yard.
Yea!Only three months later.Just think, only nine months until Christmas(:)

Jojo said...

Beautiful crocus! Down here, my tulips and hyacynth are peeking through. The robins are back!

Oh Spring! How lovely to see your happy face once again!