Real Christmas

Yesterday our church put on our Christmas pageant during the morning service for our congregation, friends and family. I wrote and directed this production. The kids did such a wonderful job, and I thoroughly enjoyed helping put this pageant on.

Scene 1 opens at the North Pole, with the Head Elf asking people at the North Pole to come and audition for the upcoming North Pole Christmas show. St. Nick wants the acts to have something to do with the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Scene 2 shows some of the auditions. First Frosty the Snowman comes out and recited Bible verses about snow. Next Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer sing and dances to "This Little Light of Mine". The final audition is The Grinch with a pretty grouchy and grinchy Christmas comedy routine. The Princess did a fine of job covering all three of these roles. I had some kids unable to be in the show, so she filled in and was great.

Scene 3, we are in the North Pole Television (NPTV) studio for the premier of the new reality show, Real Christmas. This show has the four finalists from the previous auditions come and compete to find out what symbol of Christmas shares the best of what Christmas is really all about.

The stage manager elf goes down her checklist, making sure the lights are ready, the music and cued, and all is ready to go. The Head Elf from earlier takes over as the band leader of the NPTV Elf Band, and the show gets under way.
The host for the evening, played by Z2, is Suzy Snowflake. She comes gliding down the aisle, twirling and swirling up on the stage.
First she introduces the judges for the competition, which are the three wise men. Caspar looks like Elvis (you know, The King), then Lester our ventriloquist dummy makes an appearance and Balthasar, and we also had Melchior. The first act to come out were the Christmas Lights, which were the two and three year olds.
The second act were the Angels.

After a commercial break, the Christmas Tree and Decorations came strutting down the center aisle like models on a runway.
The final act was the box of Candy Canes, sharing with the audience the Legend of the Candy Cane. Kiki Aru was the Head Candy Cane. She if the cane on the far left.
After another commercial break, the judges announced the box of Candy Canes as the winner. Instead of receiving a gift themselves, they handed out candy canes to the audience, which said the following on the wrapper:

The Meaning of the Candy Cane

Many years ago a candy maker wanted to make a candy that would symbolize the true meaning of Christmas—Jesus.

The hard candy was shaped like a “J” to represent that Jesus is our rock of all ages. The candy was made of white to stand for the pureness of Jesus. The red represents the blood that Jesus shed to save us from our sins.

So the next time you see a candy cane take a minute to remember the real meaning of Christmas.


MarmiteToasty said...

((((((((Silver Valley))))))) wow that sounds like such a wonderful fun filled performance....... in January I ALWAYS go to BishopStoke which is a village about 45 minutes drive down the back lanes.... were I watch an amatuer dramatic societies crimbo pantomine..... me best friend Wendy who is sleddies mum whom I mind for - but we was friends first - well her hubby is in it and often as not one of her 4 kids..... its in a little village hall and they serve tea in proper cups and saucers at half time and the music is all by this little real old lady on the piano.... it, to me, is pantomine at its finest.... Ive been for the past 8 years.... and its so quaint and old and in a village hall by the river and ya buy a strip of raffle tickets for the interval and ya win things that people have donated that they didnt want at crimbo lol.... recycled pressies :)...... but I LOVE it with such a passion..... such a passion, its raw and real and lovely :)

Anyways, hark at me rambling lol.....

I wanted to wish you and your lovely family the most wonderous of crimbos.... even though I dont do god, even though I wish I really could :( - I try to be a good person and get into the spirit of crimbo.... and everyone knows that if they need anything, be it a meal or a bed or a listening ear or a hand to hold over the holiday times, then, Im always here for them, no matter what time of night or day.... soooo HAPPY CRIMBO you lot, from my lot..... peace X

Go Figure said...

Looks like a great show! The candy canes were great.