Happy Endings...We Found A New Car

2005 GMC Envoy XL

This morning we went down to Dave Smith Motors and met with our friend Rob Ross, and he had this 2005 GMC Envoy ready for us to take a test drive. It only has 13,000 miles on it. It met all our criteria:

1. It is a 4x4

2. It had seven seats

3. It handles well in the snow

4. The gas mileage is comparable to the Grand Caravan.

5. The payments are lower than before.

Yeah!! And it was actually pretty painless. And, thanks to my father-in-law who was recently going through the same process of getting a rebate on his warranty, I realized we should get some money back on our warranty of our totaled vehicle. They checked it out for us, and we ended up getting about $715 we weren't counting on to be put toward our down payment.

So, now I believe I will feel much safer on these snowy winter roads this winter. And, thanks to Rob, we got a really nice deal!!

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