Raymond Pert Alive And Well at Birthday Celebration

For many of you who like to read the blogs of myself, my sister Inland Empire Girl, and my brother Raymond Pert, may wonder what has been going on with Raymond Pert, since he hasn't posted on his blog since Dec. 19th.

The first family of blogging: Inland Empire Girl, Raymond Pert, Silver Valley Girl

Well, I am here to report RP is doing fine, and is alive and well. We just celebrated his 54th birthday tonight over at our mother's house here in Kellogg.

Here are the pictures to prove it:

Raymond Pert begins to open his birthday gifts.

The Woolum family: Inland Empire Girl, Raymond Pert, Grandma Mary, Silver Valley Girl

Grandma Mary

Here are PKR and Snug enjoying the party.
RP will soon get back online and resume his blog posting. He has had a bit going on this past week, which I will let him share with you soon.
Happy Birthday, Raymond Pert!!


MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MrP...... surely that handsome young man cant really be 54 :) lol....

What a beautiful family you all are.... and now I love Grandma Mary to lol


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, RP! and that Snug is cute!