Christmas Day memories

This year we had a Fraser fur for our live Christmas tree.

Last night at dinner I thanked my mom for always making our family gatherings at Christmas a special and memorable time to look foward to each year.

I never dreaded Christmas. My sister, IEG and I were visiting as we were preparing the French Christmas Eve feast, and she was sharing about how many of the blogs she read had writers who did not like Christmas, and that is wasn't a special time for these people.

That has not been my experience. I always looked forward to Christmas. And I believe that continues with my daughters as well.

Maybe it is because we don't have a million social obligations.

Maybe it is because we have some special Christmas traditions we tend to follow each year.

Maybe it is because we don't overdue it with the sharing of Christmas presents.

Maybe it is because I enjoy spending time with members of my family and we enjoy the chance to come together and visit and enjoy some special meals.

I am fortunate in these respects. And I believe this comes from the pattern set by my parents and my husband PKR's parents.

And that is one of the most beautiful and precious Christmas gifts of all.

Here is Sadie surveying the Christmas festivities.

Here is PKR modeling his new coat.

These two photos show Z2, Kiki Aru and The Princess all enjoying opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

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