September Images From My Garden

One of the sunflowers that has bloomed in the back yard. How can you help but smile when you look at sunflowers?
Moonbeam Coreopsis is one of my favorite perennials. It starts blooming early summer, and doesn't stop until fall.
I've got a few gourds growing this year. See these gourds reminds me of Veggie Tales.
My Wagonwheel Herb Garden has been overrun by grass. Time to do a little weeding.
Happy Birthday to me!! Last July I received some money for my birthday, and I purchased some roses to plant. On the To Do list for this week!!
ATTACK OF THE KILLER NASTURTIUMS!!! They are taking over everything!! Think Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors.
I love asters. They are such a cool autumn flower. They have really made my pots look colorful.
Sedum, another one of my fall favorites.
More colorful pots in the front of the house...I am so glad the weather has been so wonderful, so the flowers have stayed so colorful this year. There is beauty all around!!

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inlandempiregirl said...

Thanks for the tour... my belief is you can never have too many nasturtiums.