School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Yes, it is back to school around this house. Kiki Aru started 8th grade, Z2 is now a sophomore, and PKR teaches Sophomore English, Drama and Speech at Kellogg High School. I'm at both Kellogg Middle School and KHS, continuing to work with my Gear Up program. I have a great office at KHS this year, and will be teaching a weekly "Freshman Success" class to all the new freshman to help them as they transition into the high school.

It is great looking back over summer, and what a wonderful few months it was. Directing the two melodramas with PKR was an absolute delight, and our casts were so great. I'm going to miss all of them!!

Last night and tonight were auditions for the fall show, "Here We Sit", directed by Joy Persoon. I'll be in this one, and PKR will not, since he will start rehearsal for the KHS play that will be at the end of October.

PKR and I are also starting work on our January musical "I Do! I Do!", that we are going to perform at the Sixth Street Theater. I'll talk more about it later.

I also enjoyed this summer because it didn't seem to fly by like most summers. I had time to relax, and go on vacation, and get some things done, but it wasn't quite as busy. Even the girls were ready to get back to school this year.

Last weekend it was wonderful having my brother Raymond Pert and his wife The Deke here in Kellogg for the weekend, and we had a great visit, and I fixed everyone breakfast Sunday morning. The August melodrama ended Sunday, then we had a cast party, and said goodbye.

Kiki Aru turns 14 this weekend. She is having an 80's party on Saturday night. Should be fun!!

I love my life. Life is good.


MarmiteToasty said...

Schools started back here today..... well, our village schools did, I think a few went back last friday....

My Baby Jacob (16 years old) starts his first day of college tomorrow, well after the 1 1/2 travel on the bus to get there LOL ..... why oh why couldnt he go to the our most local college which is like 10 minute by car away LOL why did he wanna specialise LOL

Happy school days dear you......


Go Figure said...

Glad things are going well for you guys! Me, I have to decide what to do with all the extra strength excedrin I bought. Now I don't need "all" of it, because all of the lines are gone. HA!

Silver Valley Girl said...

MT--I hope Jacob has a good year at college..what is he specializing in?

Go Figure--Glad the absence of the lines helped with your headache problem!!