The Coppery Gilt of Autumn

This week, Raymond Pert assigned our sibling assignment. IEG's is here, and RP's will be here soon.

Write a postcard, in poetry or prose, patterned after Ted Kooser. His are winter postcards of winter morning walks. Ours will be autumn postcards and we'll make our observations however we want...walking, driving, sitting, whatever....and time of day is up to us...

His postcards:

1. State the date
2. State the weather conditions
3. Capture physical detail of the moment
4. Reflects upon that moment, either implicitly or explicitly

September 26

Warm and breezy

The view from my backyard
is a perfect mixture of evergreen trees in the mountains
and deciduous trees on the ground.

As the sun sets this evening, it casts a perfect
autumnal glow on my view, covering
the trees and hillsides with a coppery gilt
that can only be experienced
as the light of each day is more rare, and
the autumnal equinox adds more darkness to our nights.

by Silver Valley Girl
September 2009

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Christy Woolum said...

Every time you write poetry, it is exquisite. I am telling you... there is a poet just waiting to emerge ( or has partially emerged). I love the way your images float through the last part. If you look on my side bar of my blog I have joined read write poem which is like Sunday Scribblings except it is only poetry. It will motivate me to write more poetry.