Kindergarten....A Time of New Experiences

It is time to get caught up a bit on some of my Sibling Assignments.

A while back I gave this assignment:

Write about one of your earliest memories of being in school.

IEG's post can be found here, and Raymond Pert's here.

Kindergarten brought many changes into my life, and I have many vivid memories from that first time going to school.
My Kindergarten Class. Of the 22 people in this picture,
15 graduated from Kellogg High School in the Class of 1981.

At the time, Kindergarten was private, and you had to pay to send your child to the half-day session of kindergarten. I was in the morning session.

As I look back over the year, here are some snippets of my first year of kindergarten, in the basement of the old Junior High School on the corner of Main and Division Streets in uptown Kellogg.

I remember standing in line for a drink at the drinking fountain, and both BG and BE being mean to me.

I remember wearing red rubber boots with black fur around the top.

One time we walked outside with black construction paper and caught snowflakes on the paper to look at the different designs.

At the end of the year program, we did a presentations on the holidays of the year, and I was part of Christmas, and I said a short poem about a top.

Now I don't remember this, but I was told that I could read in kindergarten, but I wouldn't read out loud to anyone, but Mrs. Clark, my kindergarten teacher, knew I could read because if she handed me a stack of papers to hand out, I could read the names on the papers to hand them out.

Kindergarten was a good and exciting time for me.


Nita Jo said...

Boy, that triggered a lot of school memories. I was an early reader too. My obsession with books began in those years.
I love the class picture!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

inlandempiregirl said...

Isn't it amazing those small moments that are so vivid years later. Lovely post.

MarmiteToasty said...

Im wondering if kindergarten is like our pre-schools here......... I didnt go to a preschool but me and me brother did go to what I can only think must of been what is now called a childminder..... it was in this ladies house on the corner of the road called StoneSquare..... I CAN remember and once as an adult I stood outside the said house and mumbled some swear words under me breathe LOL......

she was one nasty woman.... I remember a long long table with bench seats either side.... and having to seat for hours cos I couldnt physically eat the food she placed in front of me or me brother...... I hate cabbage to this very day and smell of it takes me back to when I was 3-4...

My brother who was 2 years older then me, would often climb on the dustbin and unlatch the side gate and we, at 3 and 4 1/2 would make our escape.... I remember so clearly our walk into Havant and being picked up by the police and being taken back LOL..... and the beating we would get from this woman that was suppose to be looking after us with love and care, not cabbage and beatings LOL....

but, its made me whom I am today..... a great childminder :)

I LOVE your old photo..... I do have a photo of my school class the year I started school, I shall have to dig it out sometime..


Yolanda said...

thanks for taking me back to my kindergarten days and I love this photo.

Go Figure said...

Great new Photo!