Thanksgiving Reflection on My Family

This week's Sibling Assignment was given by me. I posed this assignment to my siblings for this week:

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, and getting back to video making, make a video about what you are thankful for. It can be one thing, many things, however you want to do it.

My video is a Thanksgiving Reflection on My Family.

IEG's video is here, and Raymond Pert's will be here when he completes it.


MarmiteToasty said...

oh my, what a beautiful family you all are........ sniff...... wiping the tears here........ just gorgeous, fank you for sharing them......


Inland Empire Girl said...

I loved the way you used a poem for each family member. The music for each matched so perfectly!

Silver Valley Girl said...

Thanks MT. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Children are a blessing. I can tell through your writings that your children are a blessing to you as well.

IEG--It was a wonderful way to spend a day around Thanksgiving focusing on the things we are thankful for.