Thanksgiving at Lake Roosevelt

This year my sister IEG and her husband JEJ invited our family and my mom to have Thanksgiving with her at her home overlooking Lake Roosevelt in the northeast part of Washington state. I had fun helping Mom make Loganberry Pie with turkey cutouts on top. The loganberries were grown in IEG's garden this year.
Mom also made some pumpkin pies. I helped roll out the crusts.
Look at this handsome guy. PKR and I took a walk this morning around IEG's residential community, and walked down by Lake Roosevelt.
It was a beautiful clear and crisp morning with the sun shining down on the lake.
Kiki Aru spent some time today relaxing and watching TV.

The Princess finally graced us with her presence on this lovely Thanksgiving Day and spent some time playing on her Gameboy, and applying her makeup.Z2 made a fresh fruit salad for Thanksgiving dinner.
Here are the girls anxiously awaiting to eat this wonderful Thanksgiving feast.
Here they are afterwards, trying not to explode after all the wonderful food!!

Do those two look like sisters?

Below, PKR is doing his Star Wars Princess Leia imitation with the turkey salt and pepper shakers. "Obi-Wan Kenobi, I need your help. I am stuffed too full of Thanksgiving dinner, and I can't get up!"

Z2 and I provided after dinner music with some flute duets.

It was a wonderful day, topped off playing the game "Apples to Apples".

Stay tuned for more fun tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

real nice family, congratulations



Taryn Hecker said...

What a cool Thanksgiving.

Like I said before, you all are Good People.

I'm an Apples to Apples fan, too. Fun.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Amor--Thank you.

Taryn--Thanks for the comment. Yes, we did have a great time. The next night we played Scattergories. Also a fun game.