How Much Would You Spend At Costco?

Well, I was ready to call it an evening, when I clicked on my email from Costco to peruse the latest deals, and something caught my eye.

The Ultimate Hot Rodders Garage Package

When you click on the picture on the email, it gives you a bit more information about this purchase.
The Ultimate Hot Rodder's Garage Package Includes:

Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle (engine and transmission not included)
MBI Silver Vein 4-piece Garage Storage System
456 square feet of Black and White MotoFloor® Garage Tiles and 40 female edges. This is enough flooring to cover a standard 2-car garage.
1 Arcan Heavy-Duty Service Cart
2 Arcan six ton capacity ratcheting jack stands
1 Arcan XL-35 three and a half ton capacity professional low lift height jack that can lift to a height of 21 3/8"
31-cubic-foor Premier Vault by Liberty Sage
2 Westinghouse Gray Twin Turbo Garage Lights
So, you spend $79,999.00 on a car and fancy car garage equipment, and the car doesn't even run, because the transmission and engine are not included.
I think if I had $80,000 to spend, and wanted to buy a fancy car, I don't think I would buy the "only 1 available" car offered on my costco.com website advertisement.
But, maybe that's just me.


MarmiteToasty said...

Sorry I aint been around for almost a week..... like MrP and IEGs blob I have much to catch up with on yours :)

oh and ya cant buy that car at costco (thinking thats a supermarket) cos it wouldnt fit in the shopping trolley :)


Inland Empire Girl said...

JEJ wants to change his Christmas Wish list... he thinks this would be a much better gift. lol.