Profession of Faith

Last Sunday we had one family dedicate their daughter to the Lord, and after church we had four people baptized. In our church, water baptism is a public declaration of a decision made to follow Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

I was the designated photographer for the day, and so I took the pictures and made this video. I will make copy for each of the families involved that day. It was an exciting day, especially knowing the way God has transformed these lives. I hope this gives them a special visual depiction of their special day.


Inland Empire Girl said...

JeJ and I just watched this together and were so moved. What an awesome gift for those people involved.

MarmiteToasty said...

Even though I dont 'do god' I to was very moved by this video.... I so love the togetherness of it all..... I just dont understand it.... I wish I did...... sometimes I envy those that do... I think I would be to much of a challenge for a god...


Silver Valley Girl said...

IEG--I'm glad you and JEJ enjoying the video.

MT--I'm glad you were moved by the video. I've seen it many times, and it stills moves me, too. Especially when you realize one of those people just got out of prison, one just returned from a teen boot camp, and one quit doing drugs. See, God worked in these folks lives, so I bet you aren't as much of a challenge as you think!!! I truly believe if you start wondering about God, and asking questions, He will find you!!

SM said...

Awesome video, awesome song, Awesome God!

I haven't checked on your blog as much as I want to, but I really enjoy it. It is also great to see this baptism video you made. I really liked it.