Tonight I was a Halloween Scrooge.
Usually I enjoy Halloween. I like to decorate the house in fall colors, and put a scarecrow out front on some straw bales. The kids carve pumpkins that we light up on Halloween night.
But not this year. I bought three pumpkins, but they are just sitting on the front porch, uncarved.
I didn't buy candy. I didn't give any out.
We darkened the house, and put a sign on the front door saying we weren't home.
Kiki Aru and Z2 went trick or treating with some friends. PKR was up all night last night sweating and having the chills, so, after traveling with The Princess to a doctor's appointment in Spokane this afternoon, he went to bed. So did The Princess.
The girls usually go around our neighborhood for about a 1/2 hour, then go over to my mom's house and visit some homes in her neighborhood. (They especially like going to Don Knott's house down the street from mom's house. He is the Hostess Man, and he always gives out Hostess treats.)
Usually PKR takes the kids over to mom's house, but, since he was in bed, I took them over, and visited with mom, and saw some of her trick or treaters, so that was fun. After the girls were done trick or treating, we stopped at Subway to buy them some sandwiches, then we came home.
So, no enjoying the little spooks and goblins and princessess this year. No playing Halloween music through the speaker on our front porch. No having the kids take candy from our talking witch candy dish.
It just didn't happen this year.
Maybe next year.
God Bless Us, Every One.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love your new look on your blog. You sound like us except we don't have to put up a sign because nobody comes.

raymond pert said...

You had the perfect Halloween!
Sorry PKR is ill, though.

Laurie said...

So, you had a "Laurie" Halloween.

By the way, I taught my Sonnet 29 lesson today. This is my 20th year teaching it, and it gets better with age, just like the couple who inspired the lesson. It's the best way I know to introduce a unit on Shakespeare to somewhat resistant readers.