Man, I need to get focused

Okay, how did a week go by without writing anything? I need to get focused. I think I've been a little anti-computer this week. I hope it is just a phase.

I need to get back into writing daily, and taking pics of my tree. I need a bit of discipline. I've been a bit undisciplined these past few weeks. It is like I don't want to deal with responsiblity. Well, not in each area of my life, but in some. (Especially the dreaded money budgeting...ugh!)

So, I'm going to try a little harder this week to write more, read more, and share a bit more about what is going on.

I have started a book this week, called "Eat, Pray, Love", by Elizabeth Gilbert. I think it is the HBO book club pic this month. It is also my Huckleberry Book Club pic this month. It looks like a fascinating book, about a woman who goes to Italy, India and Bali, and writes about her experiences.

Some of my lack of focus comes from all these things I want to do with my life. And I find it hard to focus on what project to focus on first. Plus, I am doing other things, and how do I fit them all in before I die. Perhaps I'm getting to the age where I am realizing my own mortality.

Perhaps it is because of this show I've been watching on DVD, "Slings and Arrows". It is such a well written show, and so well done, that it wouldn't surprise me if it made me think of loftier purposes for my life. There are three seasons of this show, with the first season focusing on youth, the second season focusing on midlife, and the last season focusing on old age. Maybe it has got me thinking. I don't think I'm having a crisis...it is more realizing there are things I want to create, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to doing it all. It can be a bit overwhelming.
So, time for self-discipline. Time for focus. Time to create.


Just Jen said...

A few months ago, I had the same thoughts. I am creating more (the dreaded budget still isn't getting done) but fitting time in for everything is impossible. I had to cut out things to put in things. Taking time for ourselves is so guilt wrenching at times, isn't it?
I'm learning to get over the guilt...and just enjoy....

Inland Empire Girl said...

It is so great to read this post. I think it is one of those seasonal slump times...as I read other blogs many are experiencing some of the same unfocusness ( if that is a word). Best wishes with finding a focus.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, Just Jen, it is hard to take time for ourselves, and fitting everything in we want to do.

IEG--I think the focus is returning.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Maybe it isn't just focus - but time to purge the unnecessary. I find that the everyday things somehow get done eventually - and have learned not to stress about them.

When we are focused on new things (such as your new job), we can become overwhelmed and need a break from less important tasks.

No guilt, if you have to break loose and live a little. Give and take some old and new. Maybe it is discipline you need, or maybe it is just change.