Slings and Arrows review

My brother Raymond Pert gave me the DVD series 1 of Slings and Arrows for my birthday this year. I finally had a chance to watch the entire season over the weekend, so here are my thoughts.

After watching the first episode, I was a little put off by the constant use of the "F" word, and the sex. (But, this is just me.) This show is rated along the lines of Sex in the City or The Sopranos.

But, once I got past those two things, I got into the story of this six episode series, and I loved it. The premise of the show, and why my brother thought I would enjoy it, is telling the story behind the scenes at a theater.

This theater is one that does Shakespeare plays, and while they are rehearsing onstage for the play, the story is also being told on what is going on behind the scenes.

(I've always felt more drama goes behind the scenes of a play than what happens on stage. It is the nature of the people involved in productions.)

As the story develops, you come to appreciate the art of the theater, and what the true calling of a theatrical production is all about. They are rehearsing Hamlet on the stage, and themes from the play are also being played out in thier lives.

There are two more seasons, where one season they do MacBeth, and the following season they do King Lear. I look forward to seeing how they play out these stories in real life.

I was very impressed by the actor Paul Gross. I don't think I had ever seen any of his work, but he was so good in this show. But so was everyone else. It was a great cast, well written, and a wonderful story.

So, if possible, try and get past the language and sex, (if that bothers you) because there is a great story being told.


raymond pert said...

Woot! I'm really happy you enjoyed this first season! I'll have to check it out via Netflix and enjoy it myself. Sorry about the R rated language and so on. I guess that comes with the territory of the theater, too....although not the Sixth Street Melodrama!

Katrina said...

Sounds fun! I love being able to watch a whole series on DVD like that. Now that we do Netflix, I've caught up on a lot of shows that everyone's talking about but I didn't have time to watch...lol!

I haven't heard of this series, but it sounds good!