A Great Evening Out at the Rockin' B Ranch

A fun time was had by all last night when 0ur friend's Frank and Barb treated our leadership team from church to a night out at the Rockin' B Ranch at Stateline.

If you go to their website here, you will see that they pride themselves in the following things:

*Experience a great escape with a warm Western style welcome.
*Clean family fun in an Old West setting.
*A three out of four star fine dining rating.
*Beef, Chicken and Ribs served fresh off the BBQ with all the fixin’s.
*Entertainment from the time you arrive till the time you leave.
*Cowboy shoot-out show, Western music and a sometimes kid’s posse.
*Interactive comedies with audience participation.
*Birthday and Anniversary celebrations.
*A tribute to the Old West and the legendary trail rides.
*An evening filled with music, food, and fun.

There is Kiki Aru on the right in the blue hooded sweatshirt getting sworn in to be a part of the kid's posse to hunt down the robber.

Here is Hailey, Lisa, Madison and Bryan enjoying the delicious meal.

The Princess, Z2 and Kiki Aru ham it up for the camera. They loved the dinner and the show.

Here is more of our group enjoying the entertainment.

Pastor Carey in her cowboy hat with her husband Mark enjoying the show.

Miss Pammie Brownlee is the hostess for the evening. Her and her husband Scott are the owners of the Rockin B Ranch, and put on some great entertainment.

They are joined by Chuck Booris on guitar, Andrew Wilson on fiddle, and his wife Deanna on guitar.

They are done for this season, but will start up again next June for another season. They also have a Mellow Jazz Night during the summer on the third Tuesday of June, July, August and September. This is for adults only, and I hope PKR and I can go and enjoy that next summer as well.

So, next summer, mark your calendars and go and enjoy the Rockin B Ranch.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

I am eager to visit this place next season.