Four Wheelin' in Paradise

Today, I was four wheelin' in Paradise.
This was not included in today's plans. Originally, I didn't have plans today. PKR had plans to play tennis with Dr. B and DS, but then those plans turned into going out to Dr. B's house for swimming and pizza, then the guys going to play tennis after the sun went down.
So after church we headed out to our friend's house for a relaxing afternoon.
When we arrived, DS and his wife VS had been offered two ATV's to use if they wanted, so they traveled over to get them. When they arrived back at Dr. B's house, we decided to do some riding.
I think I had only been on an ATV one other time in my life, so I was quite a novice.
It was fun. PKR and I drove up Wall Ridge Road along the Coeur d'Alene River, and had the most magnificent view of Kingston and the river. I wish I had my camera with me. I could have taken some awesome pictures.
Dr. B's wife SB really liked the four wheeler's. She was a speed demon on them. And, I think now she wants a couple of them at her house.
I see how people get hooked on having them for recreation, hunting and riding around the beautiful country. The biggest problem was the numbing in my thumb from keeping the gas on...other than that, is was pretty easy.
I could do it again really soon.

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Inland Empire Girl said...

oh dear... a new obsession...can you ride a 4-wheeler and play Nintendo together...lol.