Capturing Audrey 3 With Camera

Over the next week, take some pictures as if you were legally blind. Imagine what the camera is seeing and let it do the seeing for you. Like "Dog's Eye View" you really won't know what the camera recorded and then you will "discover a world that [you] would otherwise never be able to see . . . "
This is our sibling assignment this week as Raymond Pert posed it to us. Here are a few photographs I took below.
Sometime in July, I discovered a volunteer squash plant growing in the flower bed in front of our house between some of the pots of flowers I planted. I decided to just let it grow and see what happens.
The other night, I discovered it had started growing up the front window. We have affectionately named the squash Audrey 3.
Please look up Little Shop of Horrors if you are unsure of the reference.
I decided to take three pictures in the way Raymond Pert suggested.
What I discovered was an interesting reflection in window that the squash plant is growing up. You can see our neighbor's large spruce tree and the basketball hoop, and the condominiums.

I probably couldn't have got a shot of that reflection if I had tried to take that picture. That was the fun of this assignment. Discovering things that you didn't know were there.

Here is Inland Empire Girl's post here, and Raymond Pert's here.


seenthatbefore said...

Great photo. I personally don't enjoy discovering things I don't know are there...such as little surprises from Sirus.

Princess Molly said...


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the picture of the reflection in the window.

Anonymous said...

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