Special Birthday Memories---Thank You Everyone!!!

Today I am enjoying some time on my deck, reflecting on my wonderful birthday yesterday. What a special day.

Last year, I realized that I like to CELEBRATE my birthday each year, surrounded by family and friends. Receiving the cards and gifts are not as important as just being with the people I love.

This year, I had a unique opportunity present itself, and I went for it.

As I have posted before, our whole family is involved in the Sixth Street Melodrama this July. Our official opening night is Thursday, July 5th. We normally would open on Wednesday, but with today being the Fourth of July, the board opted to open on Thursday. Since we would have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday anyway, I asked the theater board if I could have a special "birthday premier" and invite some friends and family and have reduced tickets for the event. I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate the opening of the first play I have written.
They said yes, so about 80 people attended the invitation only birthday premier of "Nightmare at Dream Gulch, or...Wake Me When It's Over", written by me and directed by husband PKR.
What a perfect way to celebrate. The greatest part of the day was having our family give the gift of laughter to a room full of people, letting them forget life for a couple of hours and just have a great time. What a special blessing!!
The picture above is PKR and myself doing a "Farmer and Cow" routine as part of Kelly's Alley Revue. This particular segment received a lot of laughs.
Toward the end, before I do my serious solo of the evening, PKR did a very special birthday surprise, and presented me with some flowers and sang an excerpt from "How To Handle A Woman" from the musical "Camelot". It was so beautiful, and a very special surprise.
So, again, if any of you are in the Silver Valley this July on a Wednesday through Sunday, please come and see the show...but only if you want to have some fun!!


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

What a wonderful Birthday present. . .the presence of family & friends kicking off your play! You look better than any "cow" I have seen! Nice hair - earrings - you are "too cute!"

InlandEmpireGirl said...

I can't believe how the color showed up on those ads behind you. FYI: Grandmother tierra and MWestW spent a few minutes after the curtain went up for the second part of the show discussing which ones of those were still open. The background music didn't drown out their voices then! lol