Hangin' Out With Harry

The Princess finished the book last night. It was torture for her to peform in the play last night because she only had a chapter left. Thank goodness for intermission, and breaks backstage, because she was able to finish it last night.

On the ride home from the theater, I began book seven. It is now Thursday morning, and I am on Chapter Seven. But, darn it all, I have to go to work!! But I'll read more this afternoon.

Look forward to discussing later.

We are heading into our last weekend of the play at the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace. So if you were planning on seeing it, only four more performances to go!!

I may not write much until I'm done with the book...I don't work tomorrow, so it may be a late night!!


Laurie said...

I finished yesterday (after badgering Tammy to finish by Monday evening). Can't wait to discuss.

Princess said...


just kidding

Starr Kelso said...

SVG, the melodrama was great. The plot and dialogue was engaging. The audience participation was lively and fun. The actors were great. PKR carried the show, MR has a great future in acting and singing, but you stole the show with your solo at the end. Congratulations!