Happy Birthday Beautiful Z2....Are You Really 13???

Thirteen years ago today I gave birth to our second daughter. It was at Mercy Medical Center in Nampa, Idaho. It was really hot that day, as I recall. I think there was some record breaking hot streak that summer in the Treasure Valley, where we had at least 45 days in a row over 90 degrees.
PKR was a very proud daddy. My how things have changed, though. Check out the mustache, slicked back hair, and those shorts. We no longer have any of those around here.
Baby Z2 makes four in our family. Proud big sister "The Princess" thinks it is pretty cool.
Inland Empire Girl admires her brand new neice Z2.
She was a very happy baby, and smiled the earliest of all three of our children.
Here is Z2 sticking her tongue out at Uncle Raymond Pert while visiting him at his house in Eugene, Oregon.

Here she is on her big day today. Isn't she a beautiful 13 year old?

It is pretty hard to blow out 13 candles all at once.

Here is Z2 thanking Grandma Mary for the wonderful birthday dinner, the homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and the new Harry Potter book that is being delivered to our home soon.
Happy Birthday Z2. I am so proud of you and you are beautiful, both inside and out. The Lord has richly blessed me with such a daughter as you.


MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Z2........ what a beautiful young lady you have turned out to be........my Jacob just said........'she aint half bad' LMFAO...... hahahahahaha


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

What a sweet tribute!

Silver Valley Girl said...

MT--Z2 thanks you, and blushed when I shared with her what you said about Jacob.

PIMD-Thanks. A lovely tribute to a lovely girl.

KOKOARU said...

one thing how do i spell my name? and yay zoes thriteen spaggetti imax harry potter

Inland Empire Girl said...

What lovely comments about Z2. Check out the nice ones on my post also! I hope the IMAX was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Zoe smells.

Silver Valley Girl said...

This Princess smells more, especially when she is in her stinky room in the basement.

CrazyLittle...you'll figure it out said...

Hey there SVG...

I couldn't resist the temptation drop a line on your blog.

I have to commend you and PKR for adding another Cancer to the Silver Valley family (like you and I). She looks just like you back in the day.

Well, I'd better get going.

All hail Class of '81...hint, hint.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Crazy Little...it's LE I believe...am I correct?

Thanks for visiting and saying hello. Yes, Z2 hears alot how much she looked like her mother. In fact we were looking at old family pics the other day, and found one when I was about 12 where we really looked alike. I may have to scan it someday and put in on here and compare.

Hope all is well with you...take care. Feel free to drop in any time!!