Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.11 The Starkness of the Trees of Autumn #3Siblings

Christy gave us the following sibling photo assignment:

What makes effective black and white photos? Is it the subject, the light, the composition? Take a series of photos in black and white, explaining why they are effective.

Christy has photos of her dogs here, and I will share Bill's photos when he is done here.

As I watched the leaves fall off the trees in and around my home, I thought they would be a good subject for this assignment.

For this series of photos, I think the black and white photos are effective because of the contrast of the dark branches and leaves against the lighter sky.  It also shows a clear definition of the leaves remaining on the branches.

Here are some of the black and white photos I took of  "The Starkness of the Trees of Autumn" around my house today.

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