Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.10: Road Trip to Gonzaga University #3Siblings

Christy assigned us to get in the car and take pictures wherever the road takes us and to write about why we went where we did.

I didn't get in a car, but a school bus.  And the road took me to Spokane, Washington with a group of 27 Kellogg High School juniors who wanted to visit the Gonzaga University campus.

Planning a college visit the first part of November can be risky, because of the weather.  It could be pouring down rain, it could be windy, it could be snowing.

But we experienced none of that on this trip.  After one of the wettest October's on record, November has proven to be a bit more sunny.  And the GU campus was beautiful.  Below are some of the photos of the campus I took on this day filled with blue sky, sunshine and God's magnificent display of fall colors.

Before you check out my photos, here are links to Bill's photos of New York City, and Christy's photos of Priest Lake.

We left Kellogg High School around 8 a.m. that morning, and arrived on the GU campus between 9:30 a.m. and 10.  Here are some of the views that I got to experience that day on campus.

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