Sibling Assignment 2015.21 Warm Stuffing Evokes Warm Memories #3Siblings

Turkey dressing, to take this topic in any direction.

This is the assignment Bill gave us for this week.

His assignment is here, and Christy's is here.

As I look back on Thanksgiving's past, some of my first memories of Thanksgiving was at Jerry and Corrine Turnbow's house.  And I am pretty sure we had stuffing taken right out of the bird.  It was moist and flavorful from being cooked in the turkey.

That is how everyone used to prepare it, I think.  Then I guess at some point people started getting sick, so people started preparing dressing and baking it in a pan. 

I think I have stuffed a bird or two in my lifetime of preparing turkeys.  But lately, it is stuffing.

Once we ceased joining the Turnbow clan for Thanksgiving, Mom would fix the turkey with her traditional stuffing and/or dressing.

I have this memory of one year, Mom deviated from the traditional dressing recipe, and tried something new.  I think it was mushrooms and carrots maybe.  I really need to ask her if this was a real thing.  I seem to remember Dad giving her flak over this stuffing/dressing recipe for many years to come, and it was kind of a family joke.

I remember one Thanksgiving while living in Glendive, Montana where one of our friends shot a wild turkey, and I was chosen to prepare it.  Another warm memory preparing a different kind of turkey and dressing.

My mother-in-law Pat makes a killer dressing.  The last three out of four Thanksgivings have been spent at her house in Meridian.  It was very yummy!!

Dressing/stuffing evoke warm memories for me.  This traditional side dish is always associated with something good.  People gathered together to give thanks.  People gathered to enjoy each other company and a football game or two. 

This year I look forward to a new dressing story that I am sure will evoke warm memories as well.  Our church is fixing a meal on Christmas Day complete with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, etc. for anyone who wants to come and eat and have fellowship with others.  Our family is going to go and help serve and be a part of creating warm memories for some other people, and provide some Christmas Day fellowship.  I am so excited to spend part of my Christmas Day this year serving others.

And I am looking forward to continuing having special and warm memories that involve my favorite part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal....the dressing.

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