Advent Thoughts: 12.2.15 The Theme Tonight Was Hope for the Silver Valley

Tonight Paul and I attended a dinner that was filled with people who Dare To Imagine.

We gathered in the VFW Hall in Osburn.  The people in attendance were invited to come.

We were identified as "movers and shakers" in the Silver Valley.

The purpose of this gathering was to Dare to Imagine how we can make our community better.

But the focal point was God.

There were local pastors who helped facilitate the meeting.

But they were not the speakers.

And they were not the prayers.

We brainstormed ideas with the people around our dinner table on what are things that could better the Silver Valley.

Paul and I were asked to share our vision for the Arts & Media, and pray for them. 

The next three speakers were the superintendents of the three school districts in our community who shared their visions for  how they are daring to imagine how bringing community members together can strengthen the community.

And each of them included the message of Hope.....that Jesus Christ and the Word of God are where we get our Hope.

Then Mac Pooler, who is the Mayor of Kellogg, got up and prayed for the Government in the Silver Valley.

Lisa Cheney, the Athletic Director at Kellogg High School, prayed for all the schools.

Pastor Carey Schram shared about a program called Transform Our World where you can adopt streets across the U.S., and adopt Police Officers and pray for these things.  If you want to see how this program works, go to www.transformyourworld.org.

Jim Hendrickson, a Wallace relator, prayed over the businesses in our valley.

Ideas were shared from the brainstorming session.

Then we all ended praying the Lord's Prayer.

I left inspired.  I left in awe.  I left encouraged beyond belief to see a very diverse cross section of my beloved Silver Valley who Dare To Imagine unbelievable things for the Silver Valley.

And everyone who got up tonight believes it cannot be done without the help of our Heavenly Father...the true Hope.

Many lights shone bright tonight in that VFW Hall in Osburn.

Lights that will go out and help transform our part of the world.

We all received a bookmark tonight, and on the top of the side that says "Dare to Pray and Imagine", this Bible verse was printed.

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him.  Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

This is what I Dare to Imagine for our beautiful Silver Valley.

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