Summer Schedule

I love being on a summertime schedule.

I enjoy the fact I'm not rushing here and rushing there each day.

Mornings are the best. I get up about 5:30 a.m., go for a walk with NR, get back to the house, make some coffee, make some oatmeal, read the paper, have some quiet time...

It is as if I actually have time to think about things...important things...life changing things.

And some time for self-reflection. Yikes...that is a tough one...I don't really like what I'm seeing right now....my reflection has some smudges and dirty greasy spots that need taken care of this summer. Yes, Lord, that is a project you and I need to work on together!!

Directing, acting, singing...preparing for the summer theater season. Always a good way to spend some time.

Picking radishes, weeding, spraying Miracle Grow on the plants, watching plants push up through the ground.....I love my gardens.

Baking....yesterday it was rhubarb/huckleberry cobbler. The neighbors even got a pan full of that to thank them for watching the dogs, cats and house one weekend. Last week it was rhubarb/huckleberry crisp. Time to go get some more rhubarb at Mom's house today. Maybe I'll make a pie today...yum, yum!!

Making sun tea....four bags of regular black tea and two bags herbal mint tea...put in a pitcher and let the sun do it's magic outside....delicious!!!

I need to find a good book to start reading...oh, I have plenty of books around...I just need to find the one that fits my mood at the moment.

Clearing out....getting rid of junk....getting rid of stuff....we may have a yard sale all summer long!!

Summertime.....and the living is easy......

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