I'm Here, I'm Here

Yes, I am here.

Helping with sixth grade summer school and directing a show, performing in a show, and preparing for an upcoming show are taking a wee bit of my time.

I have Friday and Saturday off, so hopefully I'll get caught up. (Yes, I'll be celebrating my birthday, and our country's birthday on my days off).

So, lots to report on....the Tri Delt reunion in Moscow last weekend, having dinner with TJ tonight, a guy from Kentucky who reads my blog and came to the Silver Valley for a visit, and tomorrow is opening night.

I'm also behind on a sibling assignment, both writing and giving an assignment.

Plus I'm helping Z2 get ready for a trip to New York City...she leaves Friday for a whole week.

And The Princess got a job, so that is good news.

More details to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Carol, TJ is from KENTUCKY, not Tennessee. I bleed blue, not orange.

It was great to meet you and Paul. Our time together was short, due to your hectic schedule, but it was fun.