Brad Connor Memorial Golf Tournament

Yesterday, PKR, his dad and sister and I were "Group 8" as we participated in the Third Annual Brad Connor Memorial Golf Tournament.

Brad Connor was my PKR's brother David's best friend, and died while defending our country in Iraq in 2007. David and some of his KHS Class of 1984 classmates decided to put on this golf tournament each year to raise money for a scholarship to give to a graduation senior at Kellogg High School.

Now it had been a few years since most of us had been on a golf course. My father-in-law played in last year's tournament, so he had the most recent experience on a course. My sister-in-law played three years ago, PKR was maybe four or five years ago, and it has been at least nine years since I swung a golf club.

The tournament was held at the Shoshone Golf Course, up Big Creek east of Kellogg. It was a perfect day, with the sky a bit overcast, but it never rained or the wind was never too strong. The only people suffering were those with hay fever...the pollen was pretty lethal out there.

One of the rules was that we had to use each person's drive at least once in the 18 holes we played. Well, I actually had a pretty good shot off the first tee, which was Hole #8, and so we used my tee shot first. Good thing, because my tee shots went downhill from there (no pun intended).

But I had some decent approach shots, and chipped and putted good a few times. We all felt pretty good with our effort overall as a team.

After the golfing, there was a dinner at the clubhouse, then a silent auction and live auction. It was fun seeing some people I hadn't seen in a long time, and it was nice to see people come out and sponsor this event. If the timing is right, I'd love to play in the tournament next year.

This is such a beautiful golf course.
Thank goodness we were provided golf carts, because it is a quite hilly course.
Here is my father-in-law assessing the line on the green for his putt.

Well, I'm no Nancy Lopez, but I did have a lot of fun!!
Here is LR getting ready to putt.
No this isn't Payne Stewart, just PKR, sporting my dad's old yellow golfing hat.
Burt again assessing his putt.


raymond pert said...

I love seeing PKR with dad's cap!

That picture of your swing looks pretty good!

MarmiteToasty said...

I would drive the golf buggy LOL


Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

so happy the weather took a break for your guys. It was wonderful getting to see Burt and LR on Sunday as well.

inlandempiregirl said...

Wow... the course looks great.

Nita Jo said...

What a beautiful course! My only golf experience was several years back at the MGT "couples" event. You and PKR tried to teach me a thing or two. I wasn't good, but it was fun.

What a wonderful tribute to Brad Conner!