High School Friend is Romance Writer

I told my friend Lisa I would put a plug in for her new book, a Harlequin American Romance titled Man of the Year. Below is a promo email I received from her, as well as a picture and write up about her. I am so proud of Lisa. We both graduated the same year from Kellogg High School, and were active in drama, choir and French in high school. Her parents live just down the street from me, and, if you are in for a steamy summer romance book, why don't you check this out.



I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first book, Man of the Year, by Harlequin American Romance. Man of the Year received four stars out of five from Romantic Times and has had other wonderful reviews, as well. Kay James at www.romancereaderatheart.com loved it and gave it her top rating. A couple of my guy-friends--you know who you are--read it and said: "though I don't read that kind of stuff, I liked it." High praise, indeed. I hope you will buy it, read it and love it, too. Then tell all your friends to do the same!

You can purchase the book at your local supermarket in June (if they carry Harlequin Romance) or online at www.eharlequin.com, www.amazon.com, www.borders.com to list a few. Borders also has it on the shelf this month for a limited time. If you see it, turn it face outward so everyone will be tempted to peruse it and buy! Read my author's page. I will also have a website up and running soon at www.lisaruff.net. Keep checking back for further updates there.

My next book, Baby On Board, comes out in January 2009, also published by Harlequin American Romance. I am working on my third book for them right now. I'll let you know when they are available.

Thanks for your support.
Lisa Ruff


Lisa Ruff was born in Montana and grew up in Idaho. The daughter of a forester, she lived in small lumber towns—some nestled so deep in the mountains that sunlight never touched the valley floor from October to April. She attended the University of Idaho and earned a degree in Interior Design. That training led her to Seattle, where she designed restaurants before starting her own interior design business.

Lisa met the man of her dreams in Seattle. She married Kirk promising to love, honor and edit his rough drafts. His pursuit of writing led Lisa to the craft. A long-time reader of romance, she decided to try to create one herself. The first version of Man of the Year took three months to finish, but her business got in the way of polishing the manuscript. She stuffed it in a drawer where it languished for several years.

In pursuit of time to write and freedom to explore the world, Lisa, Kirk and their cat sailed from Seattle on a thirty-seven-foot boat. They spent five years cruising in Central America and the Caribbean. Lisa wrote romance, but it took a backseat to an adventurous life. She was busy writing travel essays, learning to speak Spanish from taxi drivers and handling a small boat in gale-force winds on the ocean.

When she returned to land-life, Lisa started a marine canvas business. Her summers were filled with patterning, cutting and sewing covers and biminis for boats. One winter, she finally revised Man of the Year and sent it to an agent. Within a year, she had a contract from Harlequin American Romance. That same month, Lisa sold her canvas business in order to pursue her dream of writing full time. She and her husband are cruising on a sailboat again—this one 40 feet long—somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. When not setting sail for another port, she is working on her next Harlequin romance book.


I am so proud of Lisa, and can't wait to read this book for myself, and the many more that are in her future!!

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HBO did a nice coverage of this also.... I love to hear about Silver Valley residents doing well.