Sibling Post #60: Things I Want To Do By The Time I'm 60

I posed this sibling assignment to IEG and RP. IEG's is here, and RP's will be here soon.

I realize some of us are closer than others, but, never the less, what are 10 things you would like to accomplish by the time you celebrate your 60th birthday?

1. Place to visit in United States: New York City

2. Country to visit outside of United States: England and France

3. Career accomplishment: Finish and submit book for publishing.

4. Physical accomplishment: Compete in another half marathon

5. Mental accomplishment: Learn how to converse in French.

6. Spiritual accomplishment: Read the Bible cover to cover. (I'm on my way!!)

7. Creativity accomplishment: Create a creativity workshop that allows women to blossom in their creativity.

8. Financial accomplishment: Help three daughters attain a college education by helping them financially.

9. Personal accomplishment (or perhaps more a desire) : Have enough financial stability to hire a housekeeper.

10. Helping others accomplishment: Go on a short term mission's trip to a third world country to help in whatever way I can.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love number 9. When you accomplish that... can you send the housekeeper my way? lol

MarmiteToasty said...

Great goals......

Im going to write a few of my goals down whilst Im off work.... and try and do a bit of writing when I feel a little more 'with it' LOL