Elton John is a Class Act

From the beginning to the end of the concert last Saturday in Pullman, Sir Elton John was amazing. From the first notes he played on the piano, to his last wave goodbye, it was such a wonderful musical experience.

One of the most impressive things to me was the band's interaction with the crowd. A group of people got to go up to the stage, and band members gave them picks and drum sticks. Then Elton John came down and signed autographs for a few minutes. Now that is classy.

PKR's favorite was the drummer, Nigel Olsson. He has been with Elton from the beginning. PKR was enthralled.
From the light show, to the amazing piano playing by Elton John, the whole evening was a treat.
My favorite that night was "Crocodile Rock", but every song was great.
I did notice he couldn't hit the high notes any more, like on "Benny and the Jets". But that was the only thing I noticed. The rest of his talents more than made up for a few missed high notes.
I wonder if, after a while, playing in a smaller venue like the Beasley Coliseum is rather refershing for these guys. A bit more intimate, perhaps.
I can attribute my love and knowledge of Elton John music to my sister IEG. She was a big fan, and had an album or two that was played at our home growing up. I think I could sing along (I'm not sure if I was singing the correct lyrics or not) to all but one or two of the songs. I kept thinking he had played all of them I knew, and then he would sing another I knew.
Last Saturday I attended one of the greatest classic rock concerts of my life, and it is a night I'll never forget.


Inland Empire Girl said...

After reading all the blog posts about this concert it sounds like I missed quite a show! I am glad you got to enjoy it.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Great post. May Elton be around for years to come