Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.7 The World at Brick Level #3Siblings

Christy gave us another Sibling Photo Assignment this week.  This is our assignment:

"Art Where We Walk".   This week we will be looking down. Create a series of photos by finding art on the sidewalk, a road, or trail.
I looked down on the brick patio in our backyard, and didn't just look down, but got down on the ground to get a unique perspective of the area around our patio.
Cat paw and seed pod on bricks

Cat paws on bricks

Dog paws on bricks

Sand between bricks

Secret message in bricks

Front of cat on bricks

Middle of cat on bricks

End of cat on bricks

Under the table on bricks

Under the chairs on bricks

The view of the tree and flying bird through the chair on the bricks

The geranium through the red chair on the bricks

1 comment:

Nita Jo said...

Fun assignment! So many of my favorite things pictured. Paws, tails, bricks, autumn leaves, bird in flight, red... Very nice!