Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.5 Goodbye Summer....Hello Autumn #3Siblings

Christy gave our fifth Sibling Photo Assignment, asking us to take a series of photos indicating that summer is coming to an end.

Officially, summer has ended, and autumn has arrived, but this change is reflected in the photos below as I toured my backyard this morning, which definitely indicated a change in the seasons.

You can find Christy's photos here, and Bill's photos here.

So take a morning tour with me around my backyard as I share with you photos of saying goodbye to summer.....and saying hello to autumn.

My tomatoes are still ripening on the vine.

The burning bush shows a beautiful display of fiery red.

The maple tree in the front yard is slowly beginning to turn yellow.

The Oregon Grape leaves turn from green to red.

The Mountain Ash tree is full of berries, and has been for quite a while.  There is an old adage that says "If there are lots of mountain ash berries, then it will be a cold, hard winter".  We'll see soon if this is true.

I forget how beautiful the peonies become as their leaves turn.

The Coneaster bush has lovely red berries.

Some late ripening raspberries.

A casualty of  colder temperatures...a leaf from one of the zucchini plants.

Green leaf lettuce still ready to pick.

But, alas, the Ruby Red  has bolted into a tiny lettuce forest.

The Tri-Color Beech tree is showing off the early autumn colors.

One Moonbeam Coreopsis plant still has some blooms.

And my pink geranium basket is still creating new blooms.

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