Sibling Assignment 2015.12: A Simple Presentation of Ugly-Beautiful #3Siblings

Brother Bill gave us this week's sibling assignment:
Since Carol is taking an online photography class, let's do an exercise together.  

1.  Read this article:  http://goo.gl/dGUfB0
2.  Make yourself pause, look, and see and create a well-composed picture following the instruction of Bobby Baker.  In other words, keep the picture simple.  
3.  Write a paragraph about your experience doing this. 
You can see Christy's blog post here, and Bill's is here.
I decided to combine two assignments into one, and not only tried to take a simple picture as described in the article, but I also tried to do the following:
In the spirit of elevating the ordinary, today's challenge is to find beauty in an unlikely place. Find the messy, the dirty, the discarded, the forgotten, and transform it with your lens. See it into beauty.
I enjoyed walking around my yard looking to capture "ugly-beautiful", while also making it simple by getting the things that may distract from the composition out of the frame.
Here is the photo I chose from the more than 160 photos I shot around my yard.

I took four photographs of these items, but the reason I chose this one is because I liked that the
focus was on the three upside down solar lights, and peeking from behind is the square vase with a pinecone peaking through.  There is a little bit in the background, but to me, the main focus of this photo are the three solar lights and the vase.

This photo captured the black pot with pinecones in it, and I believe this object became more if the focus.  And the object toward the back became too distracting.
 Even with just a little bit of the pinecones showing in the black pot in this shot, it was too distracting.
This shot showed a bit more of what was on the table to the left, plus the top pinecones, and it made the image too busy.
Here are more shots I took around my house to capture "ugly-beautiful".
You can find them here in my Flickr album.

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